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Introducing the "New for 2017" 32G Pro HC.  This is the machine you have been waiting for if you want reliability, fantastic power, and a quality "Made in USA" ozone generator.  This HC (hard case) system is the best commercial ozone generator for nearly any application.  Here's why......

32000 Ozone Generator Apartment ozone generator

The 32G Pro HC has the latest T22 ozone transformers.  This unit runs cool, and produces extreme amounts of ozone for your problem issues.

Small in size (12' x 9" x 9"), this unit produces an amazing 32,000 mg/hr of shock ozone.  The hard case means it can go anywhere and take normal abuse.  Best of all, the 32G Pro HC is easy to maintain.  Anytime the power is not like new, you can replace the ozone plates in about 5-10 minute with a phillips screwdriver.  No need to send the unit in for repair.  This equipment is made to last for years producing ozone on demand.  

Freshen a room in 15-30 minutes.  Remove odors in 1-2 hours.  Destroy strong odors in 3-4 hours.  No need to run this powerful machine for 12-24 hours.  

The perfect ozone generator for cars!  The 32G Pro HC comes in a 12 volt module (same power) so you can treat cars wherever they are.  Typical car treatments are 45-60 minutes.  Great for used car lots, fleet managers, fire and ambulance, or trucks and RVs.  The 12 volt system is found at THIS LINK.

Apartment & Hotel ozone generators!  The 32G Pro is seriously above the cheap ozone generators from China.  This ozone generator will outperform and outlast the cheap models making an investing in the 32G Pro a better value.  Not only is this machine powerful, it will always have MAX OZONE OUTPUT if you maintenance (a 10 minute task) every six months.